Fairy Tales of a Mutated Existence

by Morningstar Rising

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UPDATE 1/7/2017: Hi everyone! Happy New Year! The album is still coming and it will be well worth the wait. The lyrics have been done for ages. I just needed to learn to sound engineer and compose music well enough to have the impact I wanted with the album. I now have the ability and producing will finally begin. Thanks for your support! Please download a track to join the mailing list to be informed when the completed album is released. You are appreciated. - Jess

About the album that is in the works:
A dark poetic analysis and reflecting on the bleak state of humanity in a post-modern existence. This is Morningstar Rising first full length album. Posted right now are some rough copies of the album's tracks. The posted tracks are available for free download if you put in $0 and free streaming. If you need to contact the band, please email: info(at)morningstar-rising.com. Thank you for supporting DIY music!


released August 12, 2014

Created by: Jess Five




Morningstar Rising

Under the full moon's light
Sirius in the sky burns bright
Glowing with an impeccable intensity
Inspiring rebels to re-write history.
- Morningstar Rising 7/21/2013

Morningstar Rising's first EP, Fallen Stars Burning Blight, was released on 11/18/2013. The band's first full length album is expected to be released early 2016.
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Track Name: A Fable of Smoke and Mirrors
It is embarrassing to watch you be ruled
When you pretend to want to be free
So why do you chose to be a tool?
You poison us all with your creed.

You destroy everything in your sleep
Closed eyes with blind faith you leap
Trading the gift of life
For darkness and strife.

The fable doesn't even have a happy ending
The conclusion is nothing less than offending
While your true nature is denied and repressed
Taught to be so ashame that no wonder why so many are depressed.

You speak of love but fear rules your heart
Oppression and violence is all you know from the start
I try to show how this place can be great
But this is the nightmare you willingly create.

I try to find compassion but I can't relate
Your soul is black consumed by apathy and hate
So willingly to trade away your body, soul, and brain
For a cycle of despair and endless pain.
Track Name: Shattering Shards of Humanity
The gravity of the situation is something not fully realized
Embers burn in my veins awakening me how you are uncivilized
I can see you dressed to impressed and pretend to be humane
But your presentation is wasted and fuels my disdain.

Do you even consider at all how much suffering you cause?
It sickens me deeply that you don't follow your own laws.
I try to purify and rectify the blood you spill so greedily
But you ignore me and live in an illusion gleefully.

Why do you live a lie?
Why for pleasure do you let them die?
You pretend you are a saint
With deceiving words a fantasy you paint.

I tried to see it your way at your request
I tried hard and gave it my best
All I realized is that you manifest
Everything about this world I detest.
Track Name: We Wear Black As We Are Always In Mourning
The Wretched Ones try to ravage all
Beckoning the weak with their alluring call
I am disappointed that those who were to protect
Were the first to be so frail and defect.

When they speak of love, they mean hate
They draw lines in sand for their deceptive debate
Twisting words making logic so passé
Mental masturbation fueling the craze.

The wounded open the door and let them in
Creating the concept of good, evil, and sin
Only limitation creates the dark
We should be the living Ark.

When they speak of peace really mean war
The world is filled with blood and gore
The demons laugh as the angels cry
In the name of God; money, the innocent die.

The next Unknown Soldier is the unborn child
When will this madness stop as countries go wild?
How many mothers have to grieve?
To think this is for your protection is naive.