Trans Rights Are Human Rights

by Morningstar Rising

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It's dangerous to be transgender
we should be celebrated for our splendor
but we are prosecuted by belief
of you and your commander in chief

you claim it's God's grace
why you want me to be erase
what good does this create?
When I can't safely urinate

I am losing my right to exist
we're doing everything to resist
I am scared and I don't feel secure
Thought of as a disease to cure.

Violence is on the rise
with our existence being denied
Half of us will attempt suicide
This is why we need our Pride.

I want freedom to be me
The freedom to live and be.
I want the Bill of Rights upheld.
As our freedom is being withheld.


Know what's also being withheld?
Our bladders. We really need the right to pee.
please respect us and let us be.

I can't take dump because of Trump
I can't take dump because of Trump
I can't take a dump
because of Trump
Let's dump Trump.


released November 13, 2018
Morningstar Rising is the solo project of Jess Five.




Morningstar Rising

Morningstar Rising is a project in constant flux and evolution. Jess is still finding their musical voice and Morningstar Rising reflects that. Jess shines brightly regardless of what creative avenue they take. The core of the project is staying true to oneself. ... more

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